Online Customer Reviews Are Important

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In a recent article posted on Small Biz Technology it is suggested that online customer reviews are almost as important as the description of the product and the product pictures themselves, this i would have to agree with. Have you ever been shopping and saw a product with beautiful pictures, perfect descriptions but still wondered to yourself “i wonder if it actually work’s, or if anyone has really tried this product?” This is where having customer reviews is important.

Customers after purchasing a product can then go online and write a review regarding that product along with ranking it as poor or great. This brings in more clients wanting to try your product based on the customer reviews alone. Granted yes, you may get some bad reviews, but this is even a good thing. Even your bad reviews are good as they set the foundation for knowing how you can improve your product in order to make more customers happy.

Even when getting bad reviews you have to remember that they may not be necessarily “bad”, they may just be pointing out some points of the products that didn’t quite work for that particular person based on their needs. This will in turn make the next person have an easier time finding the proper product on your site for them.

My advice is to start with your customer needs to figure out what is most important and look at what your competitors are doing.

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