Gourmet Garden Filling Niche

The Herald Bulletin:

Putting a new spin on the popular Community Supported Agriculture farms, Matt and Sherry Gunter began their own version last spring.

Targeting the gourmet food market, they offer many exotic and unusual vegetables and fruits.

“We are truly trying to fill the gourmet niche,” said Matt. “You aren’t going to find most of the vegetables we have at the grocery store.”

Most of their unusual produce is of the Asian variety, like mizuna, bok choy, Asian eggplants, and edamame, which are reportedly all growing well. While more familiar vegetables are also available at Gunter’s Gourmet Garden, they are still grown and picked differently than at most farms.

A CSA farm is a cooperative effort where shareholders buy into the farm at the beginning of the season at a flat rate and they all receive a portion of the yield each week. The bounty may be overflowing or a drought may cause a shortage.

Photo by sofijab.

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