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The fast-growing, breakfast-lunch chain Rise & Dine(TM) Restaurants, Inc. announced today plans to change its name to Sunny Street(TM) Cafe as the franchise expands into Canada.

“As we prepare for our next stage of development, we want to ensure that our brand is well-positioned for long-term growth,” said Joe Deavenport, chief operating officer of Rise & Dine(TM) Restaurants. “Our consumer research tells us that Rise & Dine(TM) generally connotes breakfast to most people. This means our brand must communicate clearly to consumers that our concept specializes in lunch just as much as breakfast.”

Currently, the chain has plans to open three to four restaurants, targeted for the first quarter of 2010, in Canada and 15 to 20 restaurants by 2012. The Ontario province will be the chain’s initial area of focus.

“We are known for our outstanding breakfast, and we want our new customers to know that we offer an extensive lunch menu with plenty of variety,” Deavenport said. “We believe Sunny Street(TM) Cafe and our tagline ‘A Bright Spot for Breakfast and Lunch(TM)’ will resonate well with our diverse target audience and capture the essence of our brand.”

The transition to Sunny Street(TM) Cafe will occur gradually, allowing time for customers to understand the change. The new website,, is live. The full brand conversion will take place during the first half of 2010. All new restaurants in the U.S. and Canada will open with the new Sunny Street(TM) Cafe name.

Originally posted by Mark on August 6, 2009 in Franchise Site.


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