Lawn Care Franchise Spring Green Is World Class. Franchise Satisfaction Earns Lawn Care Franchising Company World-Class Franchise® Distinction

Spring-Green Lawn Care’s franchisees are satisfied. How satisfied? Very, as their feedback earned their franchisor the distinction of World-Class Franchise® from FranSurvey® and the Franchise Research Institute®.

James Young, Spring-Green’s president, was pleased to receive the distinction, which was determined by the responses of 84 percent of Spring-Green franchisees.

“This was a tough year for small business owners but our franchisees weathered the storm quite well. Their confidence in our organization now – we scored a 92-percent overall quality rating this year, up from 91 percent a year ago – and into the future – a 95 percent score on our commitment to a positive long-term relationship, up from 87 percent last year – is evident and shows that we’re committed to success on all levels,” Young said.

“Spring-Green has always maintained that we have a recession-resistant business model and we were truly tested this year. Our World-Class rating from FranSurvey only further emphasizes the importance of mutual trust, respect and the need for collaboration within a franchise organization to succeed in tough times. I could not be more proud of our organization and genuinely feel this momentum will help to propel us even further as we exit the recession.”

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