Mom's Business Is To Send Your Kids Mail

Clever mompreneur, Sherri-Lee Pressman, took note of just how much her kids loved getting mail. In fact, she says her kids would often ask, “Is there any mail for me?”

“I literally came up with the idea standing at the mail box with my then three year old son asking if there was any mail for him… As I stood there thinking of his little sad face a light bulb went on and things snowballed from there,” she says.

That’s when Pressman started her journey to launch “mail4kids.” The premise is simple: Once you sign up, mail4kids automatically sends a piece of mail to your child each week – usually a collector’s card that features a different animal or object. This benefits the child in many ways as he gets to experience the joy of getting mail and feeling grown up and important, and he gets to learn about the world through the fun images and detailed information on the collector’s cards.

Image from Mail4Kids

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