YogaBugs Provides Redundancy Solution

The Franchise Magazine:

YogaBugs has provided one of its newest franchise owners the opportunity to run a successful business while spending more time with her children. Nicola Appleton worked in sales for a large publishing company unit she was made redundant due to restructuring. When looking for information for children’s yoga for her own children Nicola came across the YogaBugs website and became a franchise owner.

Since launching her business Nicola has been able to spend more time with her two children aged 13 and 11, she said: “My business fits well around my family life. The kids love the fact that I am now around. Before YogaBugs I worked 50 miles from home and never saw the children. I would leave the house at 7am and get back around 7pm if I was lucky.

“I have peaks and troughs of where I am very busy and the children know when to leave me alone! They are very good about letting me get on with it and my daughter Caitlin has been helping me during the summer holidays by coming to classes and joining in as well as helping me on my leaflet dropping – she is my best ambassador!”

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