Jewels by Park Lane Goes To Paris

While many companies have been cutting back on the perks normally offered to employees, Jewels by Park Lane is doing just the opposite. Park Lane offers two trips each year that its representatives can qualify to win. The new trip location of Paris, just announced at its recent convention, is more glamorous and exciting than ever. This trip to the most cosmopolitan city in Europe will be one of the most luxurious the company has ever offered.

While other direct sales companies often offer trips as rewards for their top level managers, Park Lane’s trip contests are attainable by all levels of home based business representatives, not just the top levels. Park Lane representatives can qualify for up to two free trips to Paris by meeting sales and recruiting requirements. They can also qualify for trips by recruiting qualified management level representatives to Park Lane, who must go on to qualify for a trip themselves. The trips, hosted by LeVin family members, are the most sought-after rewards offered from the many contest prizes that Park Laners can earn throughout the year. Trip winners will be recognized on stage during Jewels by Park Lane’s convention in Las Vegas in February.

The Park Lane representatives who qualify for the free trip will travel to Paris in March 2010, and will spend the time visiting such Paris sights as the Louvre, Quartier Latin, Montmartre, Eiffel Tower, and many other historic areas. Four-star accommodations and restaurants await the Park Lane visitors when they arrive in Paris.

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