New MD At Oriflame Sri Lanka

Daily Mirror:

Pierre Martensson takes over at the helm of Oriflame Sri Lanka. He comes with an extensive work history in the area of direct sales. His last assignment prior to joining Oriflame was in Thailand. “I am glad to be here and from my first visit to the island, I was sold on the destination. That was the beginning of my work with the company and of course Sri Lanka” said Martensson.

“Cosmetics are an ever evolving industry with constant changes in areas such as innovation and marketing strategies. Oriflame natural Swedish cosmetics constantly strive to keep abreast of the trends and emerge as leaders in areas such as innovation and technology. This is what makes Oriflame a strong brand and one which has shown tremendous growth annually of more than 75% in markets in the region despite fierce competition”.

“I personally feel the present market conditions in Sri Lanka are very strong as there is an increase in purchasing power in our target segments. We are looking at areas for expansion and plan on our expansion in Galle by the end of August and with the stabilisation of the political situation, we would like to penetrate the north and east. We estimate a growth of 35 to 50% annually which has been the benchmark for Oriflame Sri Lanka in the past decade,” added Martensson.

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