Communication Powers Your Performance

photo credit: Torley

I came across an article located on Open Forum that talks about how your communication skills give power to your performance. Depending on how you communicate with your staff, team, boss and more, will depend on the performance outcome.

Have you ever had a business situation where someone is describing something like finances to you and it sounds almost as if they are speaking in a foreign language? That’s because often times people will communicate using “big” words that are not necessary just so they sound smart. Try communicating in simpler terms almost as if your talking to a 6 year old.

When sending out emails always make sure that the subject line is clear. Make sure your subject line basically states in very short form what the email is going to be about otherwise there is a good chance that it will be deleted before it’s even opened.

Your defense of “sometimes things take a lot of explaining” isn’t going to fly. If you’re drafting documents, that’s not writing for communications value. That means, you’re delivering information. It’s something different–which is okay, but be clear of your goal. Keep things visually simple, crisp, and broken up.

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