Direct Sales On The Rise, But It's Not Easy Money

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Whether its out of desire or desperation, more people are turning to direct sales and home sales parties to pump new life into their cash flow.

But it’s no slam dunk. The key is to make sure you have what it takes before you make the commitment.

When Malia Davidson lost her job, she made a big decision.

“I just was not up to the task of going back to the corporate world.,” said Davidson.

Instead of going to work for someone else, she became her own boss as a direct sales consultant for a candle and home accessories company called Party Lite.

While traditional retailers report declining sales, many home party companies say their business is increasing.

Julie Dowhaniuk sells Pampered Chef cooking products. Despite the struggling economy, her business is growing. She says more people want to host parties – and more people want to become Pampered Chef consultants.

But the home party business is not for everyone.

Cheryl Bonawatz learned the hard way when she sold home décor.

“People wanted parties when I couldn’t be available to do them,” she says. “There were complaints. When people would get their orders wrong they would call me, and because I worked full-time I was never available to deal with them.”

It may look like fun, easy money, but to be successful you have to spend both time and money.

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