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Do you have a clean background with NO felonies? Is your business or non-profit easily accessible to consumers? Do you have 3 square feet of unused space that is currently sitting idle? Do you have high speed internet access at your place of business? Are you willing to be trained by phone to operate electronic equipment provided at no expense to you by a national company? Do you have employees “on the clock” who have free time they could be using to serve new customers? Would you like the opportunity to earn $100, $300, $500, $1000 or more extra dollars per month from these underutilized assets without you having to pay royalties, equipment fees (except internet access), inventory, supplies, or distributor fees? Would you like a stream of new customers coming to your business for this service who may return in the future to patronize your core business?

I’ve known and worked with Jerry Geho for a decade. He’s one of the most selfless people I know and I’ve seen him build his own fingerprint service locations from nothing to “something”.

He’s in the business of helping national firms locate prime locations to provide fingerprinting services.

Potential sites like yours are paid for every set of fingerprints they do and can earn a little or a lot depending on the volume of customers.

As teachers, truck drivers, and an increasing number of occupations require fingerprinting and background checks, this is a growing field that can add a nice profit stream to businesses probably much like yours.

Interested? Vist his site: He is charging a one time fee of $25 to evaluate and list potential business sites for the national firms he represents. But before you spend a dime, get on the phone and call Jerry at 931-766-1994 to get the “scoop” yourself. You’ll only be out the price of a phone call.

Sorry, unless your home business has a storefront, this opportunity is not likely to be a viable one for you. But if you want to get out of the house and partner with a business in town, that might just work.

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