The 3 Forms Of Communication

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We all communicate with several people everyday, all day long, on a regular basis. But how do we know if we’re communicating in a proper and understandable way? There are 3 main types of communication, stated on Sales Management 2.0, to which all communication falls into one of those 3 categories. Which communication type do you think you are?

  1. Presenting. This is where the person pitches, presents their case, does a little bit of show and tell in order to “sell” you on a product or service or their idea. This person goes around in life “presenting” everything they talk about whether it be small simple day to day ideas or something huge that they really need your support on. They are basically nothing more than a salesperson in disguise.
  2. Debate. Now this one tends to have a little more effect than the above, however, it does also tend to be more annoying. This is the person who has to turn everything into a debate with you by answering with something like “maybe, but”, “yes, but”. This person may win from time to time, but they are still only interested in you always seeing their point of view.
  3. The third, but the most effective form of communication, is “Dialogue” or “Socratic Dialogue” as I position in my e-book. This form of communication is a pathway for arriving at the “Truth” yielding ultimately a collaborative approach (with consensus) to move things forward. When implementing this form of communication, one helps the other to define and realize the real consequences of given situational factors or scenarios.

Obviously the 3rd form of communication is the more preferred way of communicating and also the most effective. This is where all parties involved have a chance to equally speak and discuss the topic.

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