These days with the economy in flux, overhead and office space are burdens for entrepreneurs. However there’s a new business in town that’s gaining popularity with women.

Tuesday night at Fuse restaurant in downtown Dallas there was a women’s only event.

The Booty Parlor is a ‘sexy social’ movement that’s sweeping the nation, and for ladies only.

“Oh I like this. It smells good,” echoes through the room.

At the Booty Parlor party in Dallas a sales representative explains, “Women get to touch feel play and try everything.”

It’s one of hundreds held across the nation, each party gets to showcase products for women.

The company founder and celebrity lifestyle expert, Dana Myers, says it’s about a women’s recessionary-proof survival movement as well, “Boosts a women sexiness and self confidence and inspires her to have sexier experiences both in and out of the bedroom.”

Logo from Booty Parlor

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on September 3, 2009 in MLM Site.


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