If you have ever put your food in a plastic container to keep it fresh, then you’ve already done your part to save the earth. It’s a simple solution that saves you money and you might not even know it.

It’s the famous Tupperware burp and it’s not your mother’s Tupperware anymore. A company that’s been around for 60 years has new ways to go green and save green.

“We were green when green wasn’t cool,” says Lisa Cox a local Tupperware director.

Boxes, cups and shopping bags…just a few of the many “green” things you can get at your local Tupperware party.

“Tupperware is a wrapper you use a lifetime. It’s not something you use once and throw away,” explains Cox.

Lisa has been selling Tupperware for nearly seven years. She says it comes as second nature when thinking about saving the environment.

“If you change over to a commuter mug versus Styrofoam cups in just a year’s time, you can save 16 pounds of trash.”

Tupperware even makes towels now!

“If every household only reduced the paper towels by one roll per year, that would save half a million trees.”

Cox says people who buy Tupperware may not realize the savings they’re getting. The average family throws away over a thousand dollars in food every year…but they don’t have to.

“With our tumblers and our sports bottles, your average consumer spends 300 dollars a year in water bottles and 90 percent of those do not get recycled.”

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Originally posted by Angela Shupe on September 21, 2009 in MLM Site.


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