Wow, how times have changed. In August 1993, the Chicago Sun Times ran an article about the T-Shirt business in which they said:

The T-shirt business has always been one of the easiest small businesses to get into. Just about anyone with a few thousand dollars’ worth of equipment and a box of shirts can compete for a bite of the estimated $6 billion-a-year market.

But it’s just as easy to fail.

In fact, industry insiders say 30 percent to 40 percent of the people getting into the highly competitive imprinted shirt business today won’t last a year.

Why? Mostly because novices tend to buy too much inventory and put too much emphasis on producing one or two popular, faddish designs.

Today, the t-shirt business has exploded. It is a $30 billion dollar a year business.

One company, Ohio-based Mobil-Tee-Vending, is even offering a t-shirt vending machine. Here’s more from their eBay auction:

Innovative Vending Solutions is looking to expand locations of our T-Shirt Vending machine, (Mobil-tee-vending). This machine is a technologically advanced vending machine that will dispense folded (w/ receipt) t-shirts. We have many mall locations that are wanting our machines in them (as well as bars, cinemas, schools, amusement parks, airports, etc…) There are endless possibilities where these machines would generate revenue without the need for an employee. We do not want anyone to get a machine and have to worry about the location, so we will make sure that you have a location if you do purchase a Mobil-Tee-Machine. You will also purchase your product directly through Innovative Vending Solutions , so it is a very simple process. You will only need to visit the machine about once or twice a week, depending on how busy your location is.

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