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In Search Of Lost Time
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The thought of actually sitting down and scheduling some lazy “do absolutely nothing” time probably seems very stupid as well as a waste of time. Entrepreneurs, especially those who are constantly on the go between their company and their families, really need to schedule some time to where they just sit back, relax and decompress.

I recently watched a video message from Jared Otoole located on MindFrenzy where he talks about how important it is for all entrepreneurs to take some lazy down time every week. When you are constantly on the go and running all over the place working 7 days a week, not only do you get overly exhausted by the 8th week running but you run the risk of beginning to resent your company, the company that you started out loving and wanting to do will soon seem like a ball and chain that you can’t get away from.

When you actually take time out for yourself to hang out with friends and family, go see a sports game, go to the movies or whatever strikes your fancy. It should give you just enough of a break from your work that you can go back with the same appreciation for your company that you started out having.

Now this is something that you can do every week, whether you schedule your down time for the Saturday and Sunday weekend, take Monday off of work, take an extra long weekend, or just cut out of work early on one day a week. Taking some time for you to relax and clear your mind will work wonders for not only your health and family but also your attitude towards your company.

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