Wacky Patents

Just because you can get a patent doesn’t mean you should.

Dad Saddle
Patent awarded: 2002
Patent says: “A number of devices have been devised for carrying infants and young children. Such devices often are not appropriate or useful for carrying larger children. Nor are known conventional arrangements adapted to support a standing child.”

Jacques Fido
Patent awarded: 2001
Patent says: “The invention is a special modified scuba diving apparatus intended for use by an animal.”

Geek Pouch
Patent awarded: 2001
Patent says: “Quick and easy access to a number of personal articles carried by a person, with a relatively enhanced degree of security, is desired. Pockets, when available, or pocketbooks provide fairly rapid access but the articles therein are not secure. Articles in pockets can be easily lost or stolen.”

Gas Factory
Patent awarded: 2006
Patent says: “In addition to the environmentally destructive effects of ruminant animal methane emissions, such emissions represent wasted energy, as up to thirteen percent of the food ruminant animals eat is lost as methane.”

Photos by USPTO.

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