Stay-At-Home Mom’s Cook Up Cake Business


Trisha Liberatore and Laura Bailey are sisters with a common passion – making and decorating cakes.

They are the owners of Batter Up Cakes and More, a new store in Webb City.

“We’ve been busy, we’ve put in a lot more hours then we thought we might in the beginning,” Laura says. “It’s worth it.”

The stay-at-home mom’s always enjoyed making cakes and cookies at home, then a year ago they decided to ditch their kitchens and open up shop.

They’re even making cakes that rival the styles of popular cake shows like “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss”.

“We’ve had a few requests for some different things, like we did a skunk that was an actual 3-D sculpted skunk,” Trisha says. “We had a lady come in for a anniversary cake that was three-tiered that she printed off ‘Cake Boss’ and wanted us to replicate that.”

Trisha says sometimes customers just want a different kind of cake, something that looks interesting and inviting.

For these two sisters making an original cake can take up to five hours to decorate. But they say it’s all worth it if the customer enjoys it and keeps coming back.

Photo by ilkerender

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