Large Areas Of North America “Covered” By Fast Wrap Franchises


One of the biggest surprises in a struggling business economy has been the tremendous growth rate seen from a Reno, Nevada-based mobile shrink wrapping company, Fast Wrap. Franchising in only its second year of operation, and beating the odds with more than 200% growth in 2009 alone, Fast Wrap has brought its pioneering method of Asset Protection to many cities across North America. Now expanding the company’s success beyond individual city limits, Fast Wrap recently signed an Area Development Agreement for the entire Western side of Florida, including Orlando.

Florida’s expansive Fast Wrap franchise territory is the fourth North American Area Agreement recently signed by the thriving company, with each averaging six to seven locations. Florida franchise partners Harold Becker and Bill Pierce are moving full-steam ahead, excited to offer services not offered previously to a vast portion of the state, beginning in early November of 2009. From industries to individuals, Florida’s Fast Wrap will offer an innovative solution to many longstanding area needs.

Elaborating on the company’s upcoming Florida expansion, Fast Wrap’s Vice President of Franchise Development Charles Dobyns states, “Fast Wrap’s rapid growth continues with an Area Development Agreement effectively “wrapping” up the Western Coast of Florida and Orlando, bringing the total number of units sold this year to 37. Read more.

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