Rent-A-Husband Facing Fraud Accusations


Kaile Warren was depressed and homeless when, through “divine intervention,” he got the concept – and brand name – that would make him something of a national celebrity.

Warren says God presented him with the idea for a home-repair franchise and this slogan: “Rent-A-Husband: For those jobs that never get done.” At the time, the former home builder was lying surrounded by rats in an abandoned warehouse – or in a homeless shelter or on a friend’s couch, depending on the version he’s pitching to the media.

The state of Warren’s homelessness in the mid-1990s is only one of the questions swirling around the 10-year CBS Early Show home-repair contributor, author, three-time Oprah Winfrey Show guest and founder of the Rent-A-Husband chain, a USA TODAY investigation has found. Even the number of active franchises and their locations is hard to pin down, and Warren (his first name is pronounced “kale”) won’t comment. Full article.

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