Self-Employment Balloons In Recession

Monique Hardy wasn’t concerned when her husband’s marketing contract expired in June 2007 because he instantly searched for a new job or contract. Then he ruptured the tendons in both of his kneecaps playing a softball game and was put out of action, with no immediate recovery in sight.

Her husband had to call off job interviews and that’s when the feeling of unease set in for the mother of five children.

He toyed around with various work-at-home business concepts, but was unable to make them viable enough to pay the bills as a primary source of income. But Hardy, who previously worked in the dental field, had an idea.

Maybe she could become her own boss, but she needed a concept.

“If I was going to do something to help make a living, it was going to have to be something where dad and I could take turns taking care of the children,” says Hardy.

She heard about a direct sales jewelry company, Silpada Designs, that had just come to Canada and began investigating it in May 2008. By June, she was fully focused on making her new career as a Silpada direct sales representative a success.

“It’s just been awesome,” says Hardy. “It’s allowed my husband to make a change. For now and for the last year, we have been living off my Silpada income and I think that’s a phenomenal thing, considering we’ve got the mortgage and five kids.”

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