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Social Media Process v. 1.0
photo credit: Damien Basile

Many of us in business know how important social media marketing is to our company, however, what most of us don’t know is how to go about it. We look at this concept and view it as complicated, confusing and time consuming but social media marketing can actually be quite easy as long as you have the proper tools to work with. Look below for some very helpful tips on social media marketing that I recently came across on Crowdspring.

  • Facebook is an excellent way to work up your social media. They offer all sorts of low cost and some free services, not to mention there are hundreds of thousands of people that you can connect with and inform them about your company.
  • I’m sure your company has a website of some sort (if not then you need to set one up right away), so in addition to your website you really should set up a blog. This can serve as another great place to post upcoming sales, promotions, special dates as well as where you can give suggestions, take suggestions from your customers and post information about the history of your company.
  • In addition to setting up your own blog and participating on a regular basis in discussion on your blog, you really should get out there and participate often on other peoples/companies blogs that are in your niche. Offer suggestions to others, tips, advice, solutions that you may have already found to their problems and even invite them to be a guest blogger on your blog.
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Originally posted by Jaclyn Wells on October 27, 2009 in Ideas.


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