Small Business Startup News reports that a new survey of hiring expectations brings good news for small business owners looking for signs to expand again – about 44 percent of small businesses say they plan to hire new employees in the next year.

The Intuit Payroll survey finds small business owners expressing greater confidence in the economy and their prospects for growth in 2010. Sixty percent expect their business to grow in the next year.

Entrepreneurs who have founded businesses more recently are the most bullish: 80 percent of companies founded less than three years ago expect to grow over the next year. More veteran business owners who have been around for more than one recession are less optimitstic.

In the current market with unemployment over 9 percent, 50 percent of small business owners are looking for a “people person,” more than creative or mathematically skilled workers, Intuit said.

Photo by AOL Jobs.

Originally posted by Rich Whittle on October 28, 2009 in Ideas.


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