Mompreneurs Take School Lunches To A Whole New Level

David’s lunch – and those of many of his classmates – are no ordinary school lunches. Instead, these lunches are the creations of two Orlando moms who grew tired of the parade of processed foods their kids were eating – and decided to do something about it.

The result was a small business with a revolutionary idea. Led by moms Samantha Gotlib and Debbie Blacher, a team of workers at Wholesome Tummies makes healthy lunches every morning and delivers them to schools, primarily private schools that don’t have kitchens or food staffers.

The two started their business in August 2008, and five private schools signed on. This year, they are delivering hot and cold lunches to 27 area schools, ranging from preschools to private elementary schools.

The lunches cost $5 to $6 each, but Gotlib and Blacher say many parents don’t blanch at the price because the lunches are healthy – and because they’re introducing kids to the taste of hummus or edamame (soybeans).

Although dishes such as the Asian noodle bowl or the Greek pita stuffed with hummus, feta cheese and sliced cucumbers may appeal to kids with sophisticated tastes, Gotlib and Blacher know many kids are picky eaters. So they make some traditional kid dishes with a healthy twist.

For instance, their macaroni and cheese is made with whole-grain pasta and served with a homemade cheese sauce that contains pureed carrots. The chicken nuggets are made with hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat and are baked.

Screenshot from Wholesome Tummies

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