RTO Online:

On Monday, Nov. 2, ColorTyme will host a Webinar for its franchisees – a first-time event for the rent-to-own company. During the secure online presentation, ColorTyme CEO Bob Bloom will offer franchise owners a detailed presentation that will include industry trends and current initiatives.

“We’re excited to communicate with our franchise owners through this Webinar,” said Bloom. “ColorTyme is always introducing new, innovative ways to support its franchise system. This 30-minute Webinar is a great way to present relevant information that’s current, without having to host a large, in-person meeting. Although we provide an annual national convention and summer meeting – both being great opportunities for networking – this is a way to reconnect with our hard-working franchisees.”

Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on November 2, 2009 in Franchise Site.


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