Wrap Your Car For Cash

cashURwheels is an Australian firm that serves as an online marketplace connecting drivers directly with companies interested in vehicle-based ads reports trendspotter Springwise.

Whereas carvertising agencies ask drivers to register their vehicles in the hopes of eventually being one of the few selected to be part of a large campaign, cashURwheels connects drivers directly with potential advertisers.

Drivers begin by creating an online account and then browsing the available opportunities. They can create a profile including photos along with information about their driving habits and commute patterns, and then bid on ad campaigns or request contact with advertisers directly.

Auctions for advertisers include a deadline, the number of vehicles required, and a reserve price, if any. Upon winning a bid, drivers and advertisers communicate to work out the details.

Ad campaigns are conducted via car wraps–large vinyl ads applied to cars on a temporary basis, similar in many ways to the sticky car art we’ve covered before–that transform them, temporarily, into four-wheeled promotions. Currently, participation for both drivers and advertisers on cashURwheels is free.

Now serving Australia, cashURwheels aims to expand globally soon.

Photo by cashURwheels.

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