Consultancy Franchises Continue To Grow Against Market Trends

Hampshire based website is dedicated to helping executives and management-level professionals to start their own business through franchising. Recently, WhiteCollarFranchise has experienced increasing interest in the Consultancy Franchises sector, exceeding the levels recently reported that the consultancy market was experiencing growth of 5% (MCA, May 2009).

Nick Tubb, Managing Director of The TotalFranchise Group of websites, of which WhiteCollarFranchise is part, says: “The recession has led to an increasing number of executives being out of work, and our goal at WhiteCollarFranchise is to raise awareness of franchising in the ‘white-collar’ markets. Most people associate franchising with fast food and coffee, but there are dozens, hundreds even, of franchises that are ideal for executives and management level people seeking to achieve success in self-employment.” Read more.

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