First Coast News:

Bill Mueller said he’s in the category of those who leased their boats to the Florida Boat Club. Mueller said his 2008 Walkaround Seafox was up for sale when he was approached by the club about a lease.

“They would pay me $365 a month and keep the boat for its members and fix the boat,” said Mueller.

The contract states the Freedom Boat Club will maintain the boat. Mueller said he was in the program for four months when the bottom fell out.

Mueller said, “Aug. 25, in the mail I received a letter. They told me they will no longer need my boat and to pick up my boat.”

He did and Mueller said he discovered damage to his boat in several areas. Mueller paid for the repairs because he said the Florida Boat Club did not.

Mueller said, “The repairs are $1,763, there are some other things, but I am not going after that.”

Florida Boat Club operates out of the Beach Marine Building in Jacksonville Beach, but the investors are in South Carolina.
“My frustration is I got my boat back and I’m back to square one,” said Mueller. More.

Originally posted by Mark on November 12, 2009 in Franchise Site.


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