Mom Selling Children’s Cooking School

Glendale News:

Glendale mom Laurie Lupinetti opened Young Chef’s Academy in 2005 so she would be home more with her daughter Sarah, then 6 months old.

It was an opportunity for Lupinetti to blend her love of cooking and love of children while fulfilling the dream to own her own business. Opening the cooking school for children allowed her to quit a job that had her traveling out of town every other week.

“I wanted to be in my bed every night and wake up to see Sarah every morning,” Lupinetti said.

Now, four years later, she’s looking for a buyer for the Mason business so she can devote more time to her 16-month-old son Giovanni, who was recently diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome.

It is a genetic disorder that impairs a child’s mental growth and often causes delays in other areas such as speech and language development.

“I know that it can grow. I believe in the concept. So far it’s flourished just by word of mouth,” Laurie said.

Laurie plans to work through the transition to new ownership and would like to teach an occasional special event class.

To inquire about the business, call 513-218-8561.

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