Going Green In Your Office With Ease

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Today many people are going green, using green products, cutting down on energy usage, increasing their recycling and more. Companies that have gone green are finding that they’re experiencing higher volumes of customers as well as profits, this is because people everywhere are getting on the train with going green and prefer to do business with a “green” company.

Tim Berry at Bplans.com suggests setting up several recycling bins throughout your work place that are all clearly labeled as to what goes in these bins, this makes it easy for your employees as well as clients to recycle and help you stay “green”.

Always remember to shut off electrical appliances and all lights that are not being used and at the end of the work day. When closing up the office make sure EVERYTHING has been shut off or even unplugged. Switch to faxing from your computer versus the old fashioned way with a fax machine. This will cut down on electricity usage as well paper usage, and if you do still use a regular fax machine use as little paper as you can.

When using your copy machine set the option for double sided copying (provided your copier has this option) to cut down on your paper usage. If your copier does not have this option, you may want to think about upgrading your copier as this option will save a lot of paper over just one years time.

Add this message to your email signature: by not printing this email, you’ve helped save paper, ink, and trees.

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