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You’ve probably heard of Tupperware parties and gold parties, but how about a chocolate party? It’s a new way women in metro Atlanta are making some extra cash.

“Everybody loves chocolate,” said Ruth Miller.

Miller is making a living by throwing chocolate parties, as a chocolatier.

Here’s how a chocolate party works. Someone decides to host a party. Then that person invites his or her friends, who sample chocolate treats and drinks that the chocolatier provides.

Depending on what guests buy, the host earns points toward free chocolate. Gerdes is even thinking of becoming a chocolatier, after being a full-time mom for a decade.

“It’s been really tough to get back in the workforce, so it was hopefully some way I can help out, make some money and help pay some bills around here,” said Gerdes.

To become a chocolatier, you must first buy a $150 starter kit. Miller says you make the money back after just two parties, earning 25 percent of what you sell. On top of that, she said its fun.

“Especially with times the way they are right now to be able to earn an income doing something you love is a phenomenal thing,” said Miller.

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Originally posted by Angela Shupe on December 8, 2009 in MLM Site.


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