Sign Language Biz Helps Babies & Parents Communicate

When Jodie A. McCaffrey, 32, takes her 15-month-old daughter, Abigail, to a restaurant, there is no question about what Abigail would like to drink or eat.

That’s because McCaffrey has taught Abigail to communicate with her by using baby sign language.

The process isn’t all that unusual. A program known as My Smart Hands, based in Ontario, Canada, is helping parents all over the world teach their preverbal babies to use sign language.

McCaffrey of Flying Hills was so impressed with the concept that she became a certified instructor and has started her own business, My Smart Hands Berks.

Abigail’s father Joseph P. McCaffrey, 39, said he loves being able to sign with his young daughter.

“The coolest part of this is that when she gets all fussy, you can ask her what she wants,” he said. “When she signs, she often gets all giddy because we understand what she needs.”

McCaffrey plans to start her first formal classes in January at Grace Lutheran Church, Shillington. But the eight-week session of classes can be taught in the home.

“It’s ideal for a private class in a home with a group of mothers who have a play group,” she said.

An eight-week session costs $150.

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