Daughter Keeps Hand In Moms Biscotti


When it came to divvying up baking duties in the family business, Putch & Buckie’s Baked Goods, Buckie always made the anise biscotti.

The mother-daughter team of Dolores Sides, aka Buckie, and Sara Goulet, aka Putch, started their home-based Hershey business in 2003, using the family’s generations-old biscotti recipe. The unusual moniker came from family nicknames.

“The biggest thing for me and my mom is that we felt there was really a need out there for good biscotti,” Goulet said. “I want everything we put out to be good; what I would want to buy. I would never think, ‘That wasn’t the best batch I ever made,’ but still sell it. I wouldn’t do that.”

“The loaf is the first thing you make when you bake biscotti, and the anise dough is a lighter, softer dough. It takes a little more finesse to get it into the long loaf; you have to spread it with a spatula where a lot of the other doughs you can form with your hand,” Goulet said.

“There were all these quirky things my mom would do while she made the anise batter, these funny little things she did the same way every time she made it. One day I asked if I could come over and watch her make it, and she gave me all these little pointers.”

Sadly, Sides died not long after the cooking lesson at age 79. Goulet now finds herself doing the same “quirky” things her mom did.

“My mom was all about organization and made each of us binders with all the recipes. I don’t have to refer to them all the time, but sometimes I’ll take out the little book my mother made and think of her and say, ‘Thanks, Mom.'”

Screenshot from Putch & Buckies

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