Biz Poll Results: Comments?

Last week, we started a biz poll about the addition of tweet ‘comments’ and comments in general.

Sixty-five percent of those responding said they NEVER read the comments. Twenty-nine percent
said they read the comments, but never comment themselves and 6 percent said they always read
the comments and sometimes add their own comments.

Reader ‘Jude’ said he actually fit into a fourth category, which is that he only reads the comments if he happens to leave a comment. He reads the Business Opportunities Blog in Google Reader, so he almost never looks at the comments. (Actually, if you read the blog in an RSS reader like Google Reader, the comments are not displayed.)

‘Selena’ said she only reads them if she posts. She added that she loves to hear back from bloggers when she comments but knows that some do not have time. It makes her want to continue to visit the website when she feels that her comments are being read.

And finally, ‘Francis O.’ said he’ll look at the comments but hates how it’s mostly Tweets now. He wishes those were blocked, they add nothing.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We try to make the Business Opportunities Blog the best it can be and with feedback from you, the readers, we can make it even better.

Photo by scripophily.

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