Biz Gift Idea: Roll Up Drum Kit

For the drum hero in us all. Capable of being rolled up and stored in your desk drawer, this is the drum kit with six sensor pads that plugs into your PC to provide 70 percussion patterns, samples, loops, and effects while you play with your favorite music.

The kit plugs into a USB port in your PC running Windows XP or Vista and the included software allows you to choose from six different drum kits, 48 rhythm patterns, eight special drum effects, and eight bass drum loops.

Each pad may be programmed with different effects, enabling you to customize your set up for a cymbals-heavy Rock or djembe-dominant African feel.

The software’s intuitive interface provides control over tempos from 40 to 280 beats per minute; you can also record and playback your own riffs. Includes two plastic drumsticks.

Photo by SkyMall.

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