Family Business Is Dedicated To Moms

The Orange County Register:

In 1990 Mark Arimura lost his mother to ovarian cancer. In 1994, Mia Arimura lost her mother to colon cancer.

Today in San Clemente, the Arimuras and their four daughters have just opened Possibilities Boutique, dedicated to the two moms and to a charity called Moms with Cancer.

In their store, the Arimuras offer the public what they call “gently used designer clothing and accessories for men and women of all ages.” They also accept donations of clothing — donations that, more and more, are coming from people who have wandered into the store, discovered why the Arimuras opened the store and had cancer stories of their own to share.

The profits at Possibilities go to charity — principally to Moms with Cancer, a nonprofit that came into the Arimuras’ lives quite by chance.

DeAnna Rice, founder of Moms with Cancer, is a three-time cancer survivor. She had made preparations to open a children’s resale boutique to support her Mission Viejo organization.

Rice decided that she was just too busy to operate a store. The Arimuras, preparing to open a resale store in San Clemente, saw Rice’s ad for free counter tops and responded. When they met, things clicked.

Why a charity boutique? “I have over 25 years in the (retail) industry, from buying to designing and manufacturing my own children’s line and everything in the middle as well,” Mia said. “It was our personal passion, along with my experience, that encouraged our decision to move forward in the direction with Moms with Cancer and other charities.”

Screenshot from Possibilities Boutique

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