Get To Know Sara Krouch Of Send Out Cards

The Des Moines Register:

Why I do what I do: My company [Send Out Cards] provides such an unusual service, and I love the opportunity and flexibility of having my own business without the expense of a storefront. It’s so exciting to network with new people who recognize how our product can help them stay in touch.

Benefits of using the business: They allow users to save time and money while staying connected and building future relationships that are important. It’s less expensive than a typical greeting card — even with personalization and postage included!

How my company is affected in this economy and by the trend to communicate electronically: There has been nothing but positive growth in 2009. This trend obviously works in our favor. With 12,024,557 Heartfelt Messages sent since the company’s conception, 8,581,498 have been sent in 2009 and more than 800,000 already have been mailed in December.

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