Top 10 Failures Of 2009

ReadWriteWeb are chilled and saddened by the ghosts of the past year – the apps that should have been, the startups that failed to launch, the brilliant ideas that were throttled, the great minds that were fired, the tech heroes that committed tragic gaffes.

But some failures were so monumental that they require specific enumeration and commentary. Here are the 10 worst tech failures of 2009.

1. Google Wave Sucked
2. The TabletPads Went to the Deadpool
3. Powerset Resurfaced as Bing
4. Twitter Failed to Innovate
5. The Great Firewall of China Drama Continued and Worsened
6. Microsoft Dumped Don Dodge
7. Spotify Didn’t Launch in the US… Yet
8. The Web 1.0 Comeback Campaigns Were Embarrassing to Watch
9. Oracle Acquired MySQL
10. LeapFish Made a God-Awful Promotional Video

Photo by jaylopez.

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