CES 2010 Roundup

Chris Dannen over at Fast Company has an interesting look at the just concluded Consumer Electronics Show.

Sometimes it takes a million square feet of gizmos to understand where humanity is headed. After all the pageantry and pixels, here’s what the world learned about tech in 2010.

There Is No Such Thing as a Netbook
No one could stop talking about netbooks last year, and in 2010, you’ll scarcely be able to find one. Why? Because netbooks have become tablets have become e-readers.

Touch Rules
Blackberrys, Kindles, and G1 devices look mighty antiquated beside all the touchy-feely goodness at this year’s show.

Your Phone, Your Everything
Sure, we already had smartphone apps that could serve as digital key fobs for our cars. But CES democratized the phone-as-tool phenomenon by bringing us apps like a remote controller for Sony Blu-ray players and new accelerometers from STMicroelectronics that can sense temperature and wake the phone when it’s in motion.

Real Wireless = Real Freedom
Mobile phones and WiFi are great, but to really cut the cord, you need WiTricity: power that is transferred over the air, with no cables required.

Photo by CES.

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