QSR magazine:

David J. Thomas never planned on a career in franchising. When he left the military after a 12-year stint as an Army officer, Thomas went back to school to become a teacher. To help make ends meet, he began delivering meals on the side for an emerging concept called Steak-Out.

Before long, Thomas, who had overseen operations for a mess hall during a tour of duty in South Korea, was inquiring about opening his own Steak-Out restaurant, attracted by the promise of working within a proven system not unlike that of his former government employer.

“The military teaches you to do things the correct way, and when you get a franchise, they’ll tell you, ‘This is the way they do things here,’” says Thomas, who has been with the Norcross, Georgia–based chain for 19 years and now owns a restaurant in Columbus, Georgia. More.

Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on February 1, 2010 in Franchise Site.


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