Mompreneurs And Maternity Leave

When you’re an entrepreneur, there is no set time for maternity leave. It is up to you to make the tough decisions. Will you inform your clients that you’re pregnant? How much time should you take off from your business?

If that is something you’ve been thinking about, CurrentMom has a few suggestions that might help answer those questions.

  • Manage your work flow.
  • Set a tentative amount of time for maternity leave, and get some work in the pipeline that will be ready when you return from leave.

  • Arrange multiple, flexible child care options.
  • You may find that a project pops three weeks post-partum and you happen to feel physically recovered and able to tackle it. Or, you may need five months after giving birth to bond with your baby and build up enough night-time sleep to function at work. Leave your options open to suit either scenario.

  • Keep your pregnancy need to know.
  • Tell those clients who rely on you regularly, and use your judgment about disclosing it to people with whom you’re in infrequent contact.

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