Ideas For Sale, But Free Is Still Enticing

Aaron Crowe over at WalletPop has an interesting look at a company selling ideas.

Many things are for sale on the Internet — books, movies, car batteries and food, among millions of other things.

GenApple wants to sell ideas.

Are they worth it? It depends on your interests and how much you’re willing to spend to learn to cook Chinese food ($1.08) or how to monetize Facebook fan pages ($21.60).
There are also plenty of free things at GenApple, such as Adsense promo codes. Customers can also set prices to buy things, such as the $5 someone is bidding in a quest for tips on playing online poker.

One of the goals of the site, which is in public beta mode with about 30 listings, is to be an information brokerage, said Mark Hanson, 28, president and CEO, in a telephone interview from his office in Minnesota.

The concept of buying and selling ideas online needs to gain steam before it explodes like eBay did after people originally were wary of buying things online, Hanson said.

“People aren’t really thinking about the buying and selling of information,” he said.

Photo by GenApple.

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