Superfoods For Babies


Satisfying taste and nutrition can be a tough job for many new moms. Add to that a desire to keep food choices pure and organic and it can pose an even greater challenge.

One Chicago-area mom is now turning this balancing act into a thriving ‘green’ business.

The St. Francis Church Moms and Tots Group recently got a taste of a new product line, Square One Organics. It’s certified organic pureed fruits and vegetables separated into categories of ‘superfoods.’

“A superfood is a food that is very, very nutritionally rich in probably more than one vitamin or nutrient and has an identifiable health benefit to the person that’s ingesting it,” said Denise Henderson, founder, Square One Organics.

Denise Henderson came up with the idea in her own kitchen. In 2001, she gave birth to premature twins, Grace and Jed. Jed had severe food allergies.

“I knew every time they ate, I had an opportunity to make a positive impact on their growth and development and I researched what foods do that,” said Henderson.

Screenshot from Square One Organics

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