How Anyone Can Make A Fortune Online

Can you make a dollar a day online? Sure. Anyone can build a website that’ll generate a dollar a day in Google Adsense revenue. It’s almost as easy to make a product that you sells once a month for $30.

$1 is great, but realistically, it’s nothing, right?

But, what if you made 400 of these websites and products? Is $11,000 a month something? Definitely. There’s the trick.

Don’t try to make something online that’ll make you a rich — just try to make something simple that’ll generate $1 per day. Then make something else. Repeat. Do this every day. After a year, you’ll be making nearly $11,000 per month.

Redefine your plan and you’ll make a fortune.

How do you begin? You just do. Pick a topic and go. Basket weaving? Sure. Paint by numbers? Of course. Cheese? Anything, it doesn’t matter. You just need to start.

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