QuikDine: Surfing the Web and Eating Out

QuikDine is a restaurant delivery business opportunity out of Missouri. Unlike most other restaurant delivery businesses in small towns, they offer you the ability to order your food from different restaurants via their website.

As they explain it, they combine two very popular and widely practiced activities: surfing the internet and eating out!

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the President Randy Ruggeri about the business.

How QuikDine get started?

We started out 9 years ago. Springfield has more restaurant per cap than most small cities so I thought we could tie in the internet and the restaurant industry.

Why the website?

By combining the both we were able to develop a user friendly interface for our customers instead of the old way of calling in an order. Our online system provides a unique way to view restaurant menus and options for dine in, pickup or delivery. As we went along in the early stages we developed a very robust software system that allows us to manage all aspects of restaurant delivery service. Our software is our backbone and provides us with all the back end management tools in order to run an efficient delivery business.

How do you plan to expand the business?

At this time we are trying to expand with or software and web development programs to allow another restaurant delivery business or some one who wants to start one out. We have a full turn key operation for new clients to get started in the business in other markets. The software provides web development, dispatch center, mapping program, restaurant billing and not mention several other management tools.

The following link will take you to our software presentation:


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