Imagine Tomorrow Computer Classes For Kids

In a world where everyone seems to be connected to a computer, there is a licensing opportunity that brings together computer technology with education for children all into one place, Imagine Tomorrow.

Not only does each class teach young children the basics on how to use a computer but they also teach other technology concepts, such as email or the internet, in an age-appropriate way.

During class, children become Computer Detectives on a learning adventure to imaginative places such as the Email Trail or Internet Island. Classes start with our custom interactive video voicemail describing a new, fun-filled mission. Children then move on to their own computers where they work on Imagine Tomorrow® software designed specifically for each mission. Advancing at their own pace, children proudly apply new technology skills to solve problems and accomplish their goal. When class ends, children continue to enjoy their mission from home with online software activities that correspond to the current lesson.

As a Imagine Tomorrow Licensee you will receive a turn-key system that makes it easy to launch these classes and begin work immediately. Depending on the package you choose, it is as simple as loading the software onto your own laptop computers and making the classes available to preschools, daycares, and early childhood facilities within your community.

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