Sisters Create Custom Cupcake Towers

Early last year, Jennifer Faris was laid off, and her sister Joy Groblebe had her hours taken down to part time. The sisters had been the main breadwinners in their families, and they needed to find a way to keep bringing in money for their young families, according to a story on the Mom Invented blog.

Inspiration struck one night while eating cupcakes. Their grandfather had custom built a cupcake stand for their younger sister’s wedding after she couldn’t find one she liked at a reasonable price, and they thought, “Why don’t we bring this to market?” The sisters got to work almost instantly, founding their company in March, and making their first sale in May.

They’re now selling high quality, handcrafted stands for cupcake and dessert displays. I used one for my daughters’ ice skating birthday party. Other moms approached me asking where to buy one!

Over the past year, the sisters have recouped their initial investment and are now planning to offer their Cupcake Towers wholesale. They’re already available on Etsy and on

Photo by TheCupcakeTower.

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