Entrepreneur Hopes You’ll Find Her Cookies ‘Plum’ Good

According to Knoxnews.com, Lindsay Beeson has always loved to bake. It’s not just the baking she enjoys, though, she also loves to make others happy. So when the idea to make a business out of it came to her, it was only natural that she try.

In a little over a year since she created her business, The Plum Baker, she has established a following at three local shops – Old City Java, Blackbird Coffee, and Coffee and Chocolate.

But she hasn’t stopped there. During a recent interview she was awaiting news from another possible client.

‘I don’t recall a moment when I didn’t enjoy baking. The real motivation for me is to have something to give to others and watch them enjoy it,’ she said.

Her confidence was boosted after cookies sent to her brother spurred an order from one of his friends.

‘My brother shared them with someone he works with … and he called me and said that guy wanted to buy some from me,’ she said.

The name, The Plum Baker, came to Beeson while daydreaming about the possibility of being a successful baker.

‘When I get excited I go big with my ideas. I was baking cookies and wondering what would happen if I could make this into something real. I started thinking about what life would be like if I was a baker. And, of course, it would be beautiful and I would look adorable in a really cute outfit. Then I thought, well, what would the outfit look like?

‘This is so silly, but this is where the idea came from.

‘The outfit would be really cute with a flowing skirt and nice blouse and cute shoes. I would need some kind of color, but black isn’t me, so I thought of plum. Oh, the plum baker. It only took a second and then all of a sudden it was exactly what it needed to be,’ she said.

Logo from The Plum Baker

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