Resale Shop Is Family Friendly, Family Owned

At Kaboodles it isn’t just about family but for family too, according to NewsOK.

“My sisters and mom (and I) wanted to start a business that we could bring our babies to work with us,” said manager Becky Floyd. “We get to see each other every day.”

Owner Beverly Pierce and her daughters, Tara Al-mufleh, Melissa Altstatt and Floyd share day-to-day duties at the store, which is just southeast of Yukon.

They not only spend time with their families, but customer’s families as well. Floyd said the children’s resale shop focuses on low prices, so parents can buy things they might not be able to otherwise afford.

The store opened in December and is the city’s newest children’s resale shop, which pays cash for good condition, used items and resells them.

Photo by back_garage

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