How-To Make Money With How-To Products

If there is one thing that Manuel Rose has learned from his business, MMR Productions, it is that there is plenty of money to be made from how-to products. Of course, how-to isn’t all they know how to do. They can serve you whether you need one of your family videos converted to DVD or if you’re looking for one of their great products.

Tell us a little about MMR Productions.

MMR Productions Has Been Producing Quality Audio & Video Products Since 2000. All Of Our Products Come With 30 Days Of Free Technical Support.
Some Of Our Videos Were Featured On Local Television. We Are Constantly Adding New Products To Our Line.

MMR Productions Also Has Many Audio And Video Services Second To None.

What services do you offer?

Film To Tape Transfers.

Customers can send us their old home movies 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm Sound or Silent and we’ll transfer them to DVD. We’ll clean their films, color correct, restore and enhance them before the transfer.

All original films will be returned by mail at no extra cost.

Tape To Tape Or DVD Transfers.

Tape formats accepted are:

8MM, Hi 8MM, Beta II, Beta III, Digital 8, VHS, VHSC and Super VHS.

Foreign Conversations.


Photo Montages.

Give us 50 of your prized photos numbered in the order you want and we’ll give you an unforgettable video slide show.

Would you mind describing your business opportunity for us?

MMR Productions is looking for distributors for its How-To-Videos, Books, Software and Services.

Make 50% on all Tapes, DVD’s, Books and video services. Commission checks sent out every Friday!!

No merchandise stocking unless you want to. We can Drop Ship right to Your Customers!

Bulk Pricing Available!

We have the informational products people want and need!

Products that will SAVE them MONEY and MAKE them MONEY.

These products are not available in stores anywhere. Distributors do not have to talk to anyone unless they want to.

Our sales brochures do the work for them.

Everyone Can Work From Home In His or her Spare Time!

No Computer Needed!

This Is Not MLM!

We offer FREE Mentor and Tech Support!

What should someone do if they are interested in your opportunity and would like to learn more/sign up?

Prospects can reach us at and can order our “MMR Productions Distributor Kit” for only $29.99.

In what ways has it grown/changed since then?

When we started in 2000 we were selling products from other manufacturers.

In 2002 we produced our first how-to video on Building and Upgrading Computers & sold it successfully at computer shows and through cable television ads, it just took off from there.

We now produce most of our products.

We tried to sell our products to retail stores but they practically wanted the farm, leaving very little profit for us.

We decided to help the little guy out instead.

It’s much more rewarding knowing that you’ve helped someone pay off their bills.

Do you have any goals that you still hope to accomplish?

We would like to do more with audio books, including stories for children.

What are some of the lessons your business has taught you?

How to do public relations properly and how to manage your operating costs.

What advice do you have for fellow entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

You must have a good business plan, know your limits, and you must be doing something you truly love.

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